Erica Kent
Black Owned: White Sissy Slut Training, Vol 1 (Audio)


Hot Wife Brianna is going on a thirty-day cruise with her black lover Jamaal, paid for by her pathetic sissy cuckold husband. While Brianna and Jamaal enjoy their romantic holiday, poor sissy Pansy is sent to the White Sissy Slut Re-Education Institute. Under the severe tutelage of Black Goddesses, sissy Pansy learns what it means to be a white sissy-slut and is molded into the perfect creature to serve Mistress Brianna and her lovers. This is volume two of the four-volume series, where sissy Pansy endures day eleven through twenty of his sissy-slut re-education. Masters and Mistresses teach the sissy what it means to submit, serve and pleasure.
The audio version of volume one is now available, narrated by famed Dominatrix Miss Erica Kent.
Note: Contains themes of Female Domination, Chastity, Cuckolding, Sissy Sluts, Sissy Maids, Interracial BDSM and Humiliation. Ms. Constance recommends that if you aren’t into these themes of fetish fiction you look for other reading material.

The hood was pulled from his head and he shut his eyes at the intrusion of light. The hood had been on for the last hour while he rode in the trunk of Master Jamaal’s car to some unknown location. Then he was led, crawling on his hands and knees into a building and down a hallway to who knew where or what. Mistress and Master had revealed nothing, only laughed as they watched his sissy-clad body clamber into Jamaal’s trunk and assume a fetal traveling position.
He looked up to see a black woman seated on some throne–like chair.
“Eyes down!” the strange woman commanded.
He heard Brianna and Jamaal chuckle behind him. He started to turn in their direction and stopped. Best to obey. Wait. A good sissy waits.
“Not bad,” the strange woman said. “About what we usually receive here. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.”
He blinked his eyes. Are they talking about me?
“Look up slave.” Her voice held the authority of one who is always obeyed. “You may gaze upon me. I am Goddess Patricia.”
He raised his head slowly. She was middle aged and possessed a good figure from what he could see of her seated form. She wore a chic black leather dress with a high Mandarin collar. Her stockings had seams and her feet were shod in what looked to be expensive designer black pumps. Her perfect red nails and elegant fingers held an exquisite flogger of black and red leather. The word ‘MISTRESS’ was spelled out in metal studs on the handle. She was very beautiful, regal and imposing, and a shudder of fear ran through him. What’s going on? Where am I?
She crossed her legs and seemed to relax onto her black and red leather throne. When she spoke again her voice was smooth and cultured.
“A few more days, sissy, and Brianna leaves on her month-long cruise with her black lover, Jamaal. And we get you. Excited? Scared? You should be. You’re going to be trained. Re-educated. You are going to learn what it really means to submit. To serve. To be a…slave. The ladies here simply love working on white sissy males, breaking them and watching them suffer. We’ll film all the good parts. Brianna will get a video she and Jamaal can watch when they return. We’ve re-educated thousands of white sissy males who now serve happily. Of course they are all addicted to black ass, black balls and big black cocks.”
She paused to allow her ominous predictions to sink in. “Who are we? We are a group of women who run a sissy re-education institute of sorts. We are going to turn you into a world-class white sissy slut. Your mind and body will be re-programmed. Even as you now exist in twenty-four-seven chastity, we will enhance your sex drive to levels you can not imagine. Your frustration will be maddening. You will be trained to become aroused by all women and to serve and obey all women. You will especially become addicted to black cock and ass-cracks. If you don’t get those on a regular basis, you will start to get stomach cramps. The pain builds slowly until you are on your knees begging Brianna to take a black lover or to pimp you out. It’s quite delicious to watch a sissy in such pain crawl to a black woman and grovel at her feet; begging her to sit on his face and smother him in black ass. Ha-ha-ha, that’s going to be your fate bitch and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.”

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