Erica Kent

Chastity Cuckold Tales: Black Daddy white sissy (eBook)

It's the year 2039 and the Matriarchal Revolution is complete. Women are now permitted multiple husbands and lovers, and males have been classified as alpha, submissive or worker drones. Rachel Thorn has taken Lamont as her alpha-male black husband/lover, and her former 'husband' is now her sissy-wife, Juli. Sissy-wives are the latest craze and an essential for any modern household where they function as maids and sex toys. Sissy-wife Juli is getting a makeover and is excited to welcome home Black Daddy Lamont when he returns from his business trip.



Rachel Thorn fussed with the pink bow in his blonde hair with the pink and purple highlights. "Oh! Daddy is going to be so pleased with you."

Sissy Juli batted his long dark lashes and nodded his head. A reply was impossible, due to the large black penis gag in his mouth, his pink lips stretched hideously over its imposing girth. Still, it’s not as large as Daddy’s cock, he thought.

Her hands reached out to adjust the large titties of her sissy-husband. Current sissy-fashion called for breasts and nipples to always be exposed and the latest sissy dresses, and even coats, were designed to display a sissy to the fullest extent. It amused women to see a sissy in the winter, their overcoat exposing the titties which were usually prominently displayed on some sort of rigid shelf bra or corset. Many women in cold northern cities took delight in taking their sissies outside. While the women strutted in long fur coats, tall leather boots and long leather gloves, their hapless sissies, teetered behind on high, spindly stilettos, their short frilly dress and stockinged legs the only protection against the chilling wind, their lace gloves providing no warmth. The thin overcoat exposed the large breasts that nearly every Mistress-Wife splurged on for their sissy-husband. A winter afternoon stroll along the boulevard gave a healthy, rosy glow to a pair of sissy-titties, the oft-surgically-extended nipples exhibiting even more prominence…and sensitivity.

For now, Rachel simply adjusted the titties to achieve a pleasing display for her black Alpha Male husband, who would return home soon from a business trip. Like many women of the time, she enjoyed two husbands, the strong Alpha Male black husband and her own, original husband, now transformed into a sissy-maid-husband.

She took a brush and applied makeup, highlighting the cleavage already in place by the large breasts and architectural-inspired bustier. "Oh my, yes, I think Daddy is going to simply love his new white sissy." She tweaked his nipples and smiled as her sissy-hubby flinched and batted his eyelashes.

"Good girl," she patted his cheek. A sissy must always show appreciation when given attention. She backed away, "Up! Model."

Juli rose from his special sissy-chair, an accessory in every home with a sissy-husband, his eyes going wide as the large black plug on the chair slipped from his bottom. Once more he batted his long eyelashes and gave a quick wiggle of his bottom to show his appreciation at being filled with a large black butt plug.

Juli placed his hands, clad in long elbow-length white gloves, his outrageously long nails poking through slits in the fingers, on his nipped-in waist and executed dainty quarter-turns on his six-inch stilettos. He tried to smile around the large cock gag; Sissies should always be cheerful in their service, and thrust out his large titties.

Rachel nodded with approval; her once-husband was now the perfect sissy-maid, after years of training and extensive surgery and body modifications. She had a sissy-husband and a strapping black husband and lover, what more could a modern wife want? Alpha-husband Lamont had been on a business trip for the last five weeks and Rachel was anxious for her man to see the new Daddy’s-little-white-sissy-girl. It was customary for the sissy-hubby to be referred to as ‘Daddy’s girl’ or ‘Daddy’s sissy’, and for the sissy to call the Alpha husband ‘Daddy’. The wife, on the other hand, was usually referred to as ‘Mistress’ or ‘Miss Rachel’. Such were the conventions in the new modern marriage hierarchy.

Rachel thought back to yesterday and the trip to the Sissy Salon…

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