Erica Kent

Chastity Cuckold Tales: My Daddy Does Your Wife (eBook)


Mistress-in-Training Diana is working her way through her Master’s program…by studying the behavioral tendencies of cuckolds…and making movies of her “interviews”. The star of her latest experiment is hapless cuckold Thomas. Also starring in the production is Thomas’ wife Margaret and Chad, Alpha Male Bull…and Diana’s father. It’s a humiliating day for Thomas when he learns My Daddy Does Your Wife.


Twenty minutes later found Thomas in the same position. The ice was gone; he knelt quietly, his hands on his thighs, his eyes to the floor. Chad and Margaret sat on either side of him, on the sofa. Chad was naked, but out of the corner of his eye Thomas saw the stocking-clad leg and stiletto pump of his wife/Mistress. Save for her garter belt, stockings and heels Margaret was also naked. To Thomas’s right was a silver tray containing two large dildos, one being a rather large black one.
There was noise coming from the other room; Chad had let someone in the house and Thomas heard talking and the sounds of cases being opened and closed. He heard footsteps but kept his eyes glued to the carpet before him. A pair of black high heels and grey stockinged legs filled his vision. The sensuous feet paraded in front of him.
“This the one?”
The voice was young and soft, and Thomas caught the waft of a sexy floral scent as the voice and the legs filled his senses.
“This is Thomas, my husband.” Margaret’s stiletto heel traced a line on Thomas’s shoulder making him shiver. “Thomas,” Margaret made the introductions, “this is Chad’s daughter, Diana; you may look at her.”
Thomas looked up, “Welcome to Mistress Margaret’s home, Mistress Diana.” His soon-to-be tormentress was young, blonde and shared her father’s height, rising to nearly six-five in her black stilettos, everyone dwarfs me. She wore a gray skirted suit, the skirt too short and tight for business wear; yet the overall effect still spoke of a certain conservative sexuality. The blond hair was pulled into a severe bun and the black-framed glasses lent a certain academic quality. Diana was the walking epitome of every man’s corporate/academic fantasy. She sat in the chair that was placed opposite Thomas. When she crossed her legs the rustle of sheer stockings and the glimpse of stocking top and garter stirred his caged cock.
Two other women entered the room; one held a large and expensive-looking video camera and the other carried a microphone on a boom. These women were dressed in jeans and t-shirts, both sporting tattoos and piercings.
Diana turned to the one with the microphone, “Need to get a level check?”
Tracy nodded and looked at Thomas, “Say ‘I am a worthless cock-sucking chastised cuck’.”
Thomas turned to his wife when a sharp kick to his thigh made him look back to Diana.
“Listen fuck-face, I am conducting this interview. Do what you’re told and answer the questions. It can’t be that fucking hard.”
“Uh-uh, I am a, uh cock-sucking cuckold.”
Tracy shook her head.
Diana kicked him again, “Louder, don’t whisper. Millions of my DVD viewers want to see what a pathetic fucking loser you are.”
The soft quality of her voice was gone and Thomas trembled at her complete dominance of the situation. “I am a cock-sucking chastised cuckold.”
“Better,” Tracy said, “but he forgot to say worthless.”
“Yea, well that’s a given with these types,” Diana added.
Tracy nudged the kneeling submissive with the toe of her shoe, “Always speak up, don’t talk to the floor, okay? And look at the camera when you speak. Our audience wants to see your face, your eyes.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Thomas was being completely dominated and humiliated by everyone in the room, and both prospects excited and frightened him.
The woman, Carla, with the camera spoke, “We doin’ the usual intro and outro bits at the doctor set at the studio?”
“Yes,” Diana said, “this will be the usual interview segment.” She reached into her expensive leather bag and removed a clipboard and pen. “I’m working on my Master’s Thesis, Sexual Inadequacies of the American Male,” she locked eyes with Thomas and clicked her pen against the clipboard. “More specifically the chastisement."

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