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Chastity Cuckold Tales: Sissy Cuckhold Shopping Channel (eBook)


In a not-too-distant future, President Margaret Richardson is beginning her very popular third term. Times have changed for males, who were now divided into the classes of Alpha Males, highly prized and valued, and sissy males, the worker drones of this modern utopian society. The merchandising Goddess of television is the beautiful, blonde Donna Drake of the Sissy Cuckold Shopping Channel. On this day’s show she hosts many new products for an enthusiastic all-female live audience. Successful women entrepreneurs are on-hand to demonstrate their chastity devices and behavioral training programs. Renowned Mistress Ann Dermont stops by to debut the newest whip in her line. And famed Black Bull, Master Jack, stops by to plug his new oral and anal training program for sissies. It’s a new day and age, and the Sissy Cuckold Shopping Channel is bringing women all they need to turn husbands and boyfriends into perfect sissy cuckolds.


“It seems we have consensus,” Donna laughed. “So, once we have them locked up, we still need to make them useful. Just because we’ve locked away those pathetic sissy clitties doesn’t mean they still can’t serve useful sexual functions, if not for themselves…for others?” She makes a dramatic pause. “The man with the answer to that.” The crowd murmurs with expectation as Donna pauses once more. “The man who can make sissies useful is here with us today. Please welcome… Master Jack!”
As the sound of tribal drumming fills the room the crowd begins to stomp their feet in rhythm to the pounding drums. The studio lights dim as a spotlight illuminates the side of the stage. An audible gasp goes up from the crowd as Master Jack steps forth.
The light blazes off the giant of a man. His ebony skin gleams with a sheen, taut muscles rippling beneath his flesh. He wears only leather pants; tight leather pants many in the audience notice, and heavy leather boots. He is shirtless, his chiseled physique on display, broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist, muscled arms, his serratus muscles wrapping around his midsection like steel cables, framing a distinct six-pack of abs. Audible gasps are heard in the audience as women fan themselves with their programs.
“Jack, bring that package up here, baby,” one woman screams, “I got somethin’ for ya!”
Jack waved, flashing a dazzling smile to the audience and walked forward, leading two sissies by their leather leashes. The light followed him across the stage, a similar, but dimmer light now pooled on the two sissies in tow, an artistic reminder of the new hierarchy in society, those who thrived and basked in the bright glow, and those who toiled and endured in dim drudgery.
Jack’s sissy-males were an eclectic mix of tribal chic and feminized fetish, couture meant to both titillate and humiliate. They minced along in black patent stilettos and black seamed fishnet stockings and wore short, one-shoulder dresses in a faux leopard, with ragged car-wash hems that swished and exposed their legs, revealing the stocking tops and garter straps. Both sissies had identical blonde hairdos and sported dark, fuck-me eyes. They swished proudly behind their Master, content to be led and on display. Their arms were clad in elbow-length black gloves, hands poised seductively on their trim waists as they strutted, thrusting out their breasts ahead of them. The audience loved the spectacle and showed their appreciation.
Jack neared Donna as the studio lights gradually came up. He reached back, without looking, and held out the leashes, one of the sissies immediately taking them from Jack. The audience held its collective breath and then swooned as Master Jack pulled Donna in for a tempestuous kiss. Even the statuesque Donna, nearly six-four in her heels, had to look up at the massive Jack.
Her arms entwined around his neck as she pulled herself in. She felt his own strong arms embrace her, his massive hand on the back of her head, so strong, yet holding her gently. Her fingers trailed down his upper back, feeling the ridges of sinewed muscle as his tongue stroked hers. She inhaled deeply; he smelt clean and powerful.
The audience watched in rapt awe and jealously as Master Jack slowly broke the kiss.
Donna shoved a lock of hair from her face and fanned herself with her product cue cards. “And that ladies, is why we have and treasure the Alpha Males in this society.”
“Got that right!”
“Master Jack, Master Jack!”
“Lock up the sissies, bring us the Alpha Males!”
Donna took a deep breath to compose herself as the camera panned the jubilant studio audience. “The audience is certainly happy you’re here today, and so are we.” She moved around Jack and approached the two sissy-males, who curtsied at her approach. “And who are these two sweet things you’ve brought us?”
“This is Robin and Violet.” Jack’s rich baritone voice elicited a collective sigh from the audience.
“They are lovely.” Donna reached up to caress Violet’s breast and smiled as the sissy flinched. “Goodness, she’s quite sensitive.” Donna squeezed the pert breast and Violet gasped. “Are these hers?” she asked Jack.
“They belong to me, actually,” Jack laid his massive paw over Violet’s other breast, “I bought them, I just let my girls use them.”
“Very nice,” Donna felt up the other sissy, “what are these, C-cups?”
“For these girls, yes,” Jack explained, “I never give a sissy anything less than a C. I usually like to go bigger myself, and most of my clients prefer a big-titted sissy as well.”
“They’re so precious,” Donna rolled one of Violet’s nipples between her fingers. “Do you girls like your sissy titties?”
“Oh yes, Miss Donna, very much, thank you,” came the unison reply and obligatory curtsy.
“And so well mannered,” Donna gave the nipple a final pinch and then backed away. “Then again, what would one expect from America’s best sissy trainer?” She turned to Jack, “I assume we are going to see more of Robin and Violet?”
Jack smiled, “Much more.”
Donna addressed the audience, “Jack is here today for the debut of his brand new oral and anal sissy training kit.” She and Jack move across stage to a display of his product.
“For those of you who may not be familiar with Master Jack, or who are tuning in for the first time, Jack is the man with all the answers when it comes to making a sissy into that perfect sex toy. Your husband or boyfriend can become the sissy slut you’ve always wanted the little darling to be. And anyone can do it, right?” Donna turns and smiles up at Jack.
“That’s right Donna,” Jacks mellifluous baritone voice causes shudders throughout the audience. “It’s simply a matter of applied training techniques with the proper tools, to include lots of practice, and positive and negative reinforcement.” Jack shrugs, “I’m not a licensed Psychologist, but from my experience, those who fit the sissy paradigm already seem predisposed to want to do this. All you have to do is follow my program to enable them to release their inner slut.”
“Ladies, what could be easier?” Donna laughs, “and more necessary?”

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