Erica Kent

Chastity Cuckold Tales: Cuckold Fluffer Box (eBook)


Alicia has a plan to make her cuckold husband, Collin, better serve her and her lover. All that is necessary is the proper training…in the proper environment. Collin learns the rudiments of focus and multitasking in the Cuckold Fluffer Box.


“Twelve! Mistress, twelve.” Collin took a deep breath, vainly trying to stem the burning pain that seared his ass.
Alicia tapped the cane on his back, watching him flinch at every tap, fearful the next may be one of her wicked cuts. “Do you know why you’re being punished?”
“Because I put away the dishes while they were still wet?” his response was more of a question than the definitive answer Alicia required.
“What!?!” SMACK-SMACK. Her cane landed with two cuts that made him lurch forward on the spanking horse. “You put away wet dishes?”
“Agghh,..” he groaned. Fuck, she didn’t know about the dishes…till now!
“Well then, that’s six more, because of your shitty household skills. And guess what? Those two didn’t count. Neither does this one.” SMACK “Or this one!” SMACK
“Please, Mistress,” he was sobbing now. His tear-filled eyes beseeched his Mistress/Wife for compassion. She loomed over him in her high-heeled clogs; her hair into a pony tail, the long blonde mane falling seductively over one shoulder. She smiled, but her green eyes held no warmth for him.
Alicia looked at his tear-streaked face and welt-covered ass. Her gloved hand stroked her sex, Seeing him like this always gets me so fuckin’ hot. I wish Jared were here.
“You’ve got twelve more coming, six from the original set and this new six. Let me explain exactly why you’re here. It’s because Jared says you’re a lousy cock sucker. How do you think that makes me feel, huh? When my boyfriend says my husband is a lousy cock sucker—I’m fucking embarrassed!”
“Please,” his body heaved with sobs, “please, I’ll try harder.”
She crouched in front of him and kissed away his tears, “I know you will baby, but these little sessions are for your best interests. We both agreed you needed training, right?”
He sniffled, “Yes, Mistress.”
She patted his head, “That’s a good husband, now, ask me to finish.”
He scrunched his eyes and took a deep breath, “Mistress, please continue my punishment. I know your discipline will make me a better husband.”
She reached between his legs and tugged on the chastity cage, testing its security. Yes, I’m going to make you into the perfect husband. She tapped the cane on his red and welted ass, selecting her target directly on an ugly welt. SMACK.
“Aahhh,” he howled, “Ohhh, th-thirteen, Mistress.”
“Only eleven more to go, you do want the rest don’t you?” Her hands softly caressed his balls, the loving attention making him relax momentarily.
“Yes, please, Mistress, please finish me.”
“Ohhh, sweetheart, it’s my pleasure, truly.”

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