Erica Kent

Chastity Cuckold Tales: The Conversation (eBook)


A cuckoldress has a discussion with her husband/cuckold as he prepares her for date night. Sometimes submissive men need a bit of re-focusing, to keep them attentive to the needs of Mistress, something easily done via The Conversation.


His fingers fumbled with the garter strap. The shaking gloved hands let it slip, sending it flying against her thigh with a snap that made her turn and look over her shoulder.
She scowled at the crouching male, “Whatever is your problem? You’re fidgeting like a virgin on her wedding night.”
“I’m sorry Mistress; it’s these gloves and—”
“And I’m not interested in your excuses. Finish, and do it properly.”
“Yes, Mistress.” He secured the final garter tab and scooted backwards on his hands and knees.
His Mistress turned to admire herself in the elegant Cheval mirror. She nodded approvingly at the sheer, seamed stockings and the wispy, lacy garter belt; the belt nicely framed and displayed her furry mound. She sat in her dressing chair and snapped her fingers, “The python Louboutins.”
Her maid, previously her husband, rose from his knees, curtseyed and went to retrieve the shoes. He quickly returned to kneel at her feet and open the shoe box for her inspection.
“Yes, very nice, put them on me.”
Her husband gently slipped a shoe on each foot, leaning forward to plant a reverent kiss on the sole of each as Mistress cocked her foot.
“Display!” she commanded.
He fell back on his haunches, sitting on his heels and spreading his legs wide. His hands were clasped behind his back, his eyes to the floor.
“Lift the dress,” she smiled as he watched his gloved hands delicately pick up the hem of his black satin maid’s dress and pull it up, exposing his chastised cock. She kicked his inner thighs, “Wider.”
He spread his legs further, opening himself to her inspection.
She crossed her legs, her expensive stockings sensuously rustling. “It’s not like you to be a nervous Nelly, fumbling with my garters,” she cocked a foot, admiring her expensive footwear, “not what I expect from someone who wants desperately to be a proper lady’s maid.” She leaned forward and lifted his chin with her fingernail, “You do want to be the perfect sissy maid, yes?”
“Yes, Mistress, more than anything.”
“Hmmm, sometimes I have my doubts; you seem to lose focus occasionally.” She took her silver cigarette case from the dressing table.
He kept his eyes to the floor, but heard the case open and close, and the flick of a lighter. Soon, the scent of her smoke drifted to him.
“I think it’s time we had another one of our conversations, refocus your attention.”

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