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Corporate Slaves - The Men - Book 1: Hostile Takeover (Audio)

What would you do to keep your job? Who would you do? Blurb: What would you do to save your job? Who would you do? It’s a question oft asked by those whose companies are acquired by adventurer and corporate magnate Geoffrey Cameron. His corporate protocols create opportunities for personnel to explore a unique set of job perks – and punishments. For Derek Wilkins, these are questions crucial to his personal and career survival. Fortune certainly favors the brave – and the willing, when under a Hostile Takeover. Narrated by: Greg Causey


Derek closed his eyes and swallowed. Screw your courage to the sticking post – and you’ll get screwed! A strong hand gripped the back of his neck; his eyes flew open.
“Wasn’t so bad-was it? It will get easier.” Geoffrey Cameron fingered the picture frame on Derek’s desk. “What was it that Queen Victoria once advised about sex to her daughters? ‘Close your eyes and think of England?’” Geoffrey’s British accent went well with his Saville Row suits. He studied the family portrait: Derek, his pretty blonde wife, Kate, and their three children, two boys and a girl, “Nice family. I understand those Ivy League schools are obscenely expensive.”
Derek gritted his teeth, afraid to speak, consumed with anger, shame and revulsion, at himself. Geoffrey’s large cock loomed before him, shiny and slick from Derek’s mouth.
“Finish,” Geoffrey’s voice was bored, as if he were hurrying along one of his minions with an interminable corporate briefing. “There are protocols to be observed.”
Derek’s tongue lapped at the bulbous head and his lips closed over the shaft to give it one, final, cleaning suck. He backed away as Geoffrey stood and zipped his trousers.
“Wise decision, survival and security, two of our most powerful and basic human needs, well, along with sex, I suppose.” Geoffrey’s fingers tapped the framed photograph of Derek’s family, “and I’m sure they would appreciate your sacrifice. You could have a future in this company,” his hand stroked Derek’s cheek, “mind you; I pride dedication and enthusiasm highly.”

Derek remained, kneeling before his leather executive chair, the room bathed in silence as Geoffrey closed the door behind him. He looked at the clock, 10:20, twenty minutes, in twenty minutes… Derek held the picture of his family in his shaking hands; tears blurring his vision, survival, security-and the cost? He’d never forget that turning point three days ago…

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