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Corporate Slaves - The Men - Book 2: Office Rituals (Audio)

What would you do to keep your job? Who would you do? Blurb: The Corporate Slaves saga continues as Derek struggles to balance family and career. Everyone at Cameron Holdings finds their place in the organization, many most willingly, even if it means cleaning toilets or serving as an oral sex plaything in conference rooms. Derek has kept his erotic work life at a safe distance from his tranquil role as a suburban husband. But things get complicated when Geoffrey Cameron’s charm and wealth begin to tempt Derek’s beautiful wife, Kate. (The sequel to Corporate Slaves – The Men – Book One: hostile Takeover). Narrated by Greg Causey


Rough hands pulled his wrists behind him, locking them in heavy metal manacles. A similar metal collar was fastened to his neck, its chain connected to a large eyebolt secured to the floor. The manacles and collar weren’t the gleaming stainless steel and leather of the dungeon; rather they were throwbacks to some medieval era, heavy and coarse, their style more punishment than chic BDSM play.
Clark knelt, quiet and naked, avoiding the eyes of the suited executives around the conference table. He flinched when the pointed toe of a woman’s pump kicked at the inside of his thighs. The dreaded stiletto assaulted him a second time on the other thigh, the message unmistakable, ‘spread your legs, display yourself’.
Lillian smiled and strutted away, taking her seat behind Geoffrey Cameron.
The meeting droned on, the room flickered as spreadsheets and graphs appeared and disappeared on the giant screen at the end of the room.
Suddenly a hand grabbed his head. Clark opened his mouth to accept the proffered cock. It was the first of the day, but it wouldn’t be the last. His penance was to spend the day, in the conference room, on his knees, available for use as needed by management. That management contained many well-endowed men didn’t concern him; he’d grown use to sucking cocks since the takeover. But to be naked, chained, used repeatedly, by anyone who demanded was a true humiliation, punishment of mind and body.
He didn’t know who this one was, preferred not to look them in the eyes unless ordered to, and some did. Clark only knew this one had an average sized cock, and didn’t ‘manscape’. Over the weeks he’d become a ‘connoisseur of cock’, reveling in their length and girth and learning that some men shaved their groin. It’s not Derek, his is bigger and he has more pubic hair.
His assailant pumped harder now, and Clark fought to keep the fleshy invader in his mouth and breathe. His ass bore the welts of the sin of letting a cock slip out of his mouth. No, definitely not Derek, Clark’s mouth filled with semen, Derek doesn’t come so quick, and he definitely comes more.
Clark dutifully licked the dwindling cock clean and his tormentor returned to the meeting.

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