Erica Kent

Fantasy Mall, Female Domination Tales: Vol 1 (Audio)

It's the “in” place to shop, lunch, see and be seen…if you are a Dominant Female. Male creatures enjoy an entirely different view of life and the retail experience. Their roles as pets, pony boys, floor cleaners, mannequins and waitresses, not to mention the very public Punishment Pillory for wayward husbands and boyfriends, makes male creatures resonate with both dread…and excitement. Ladies, gather your girlfriends, daughters and nieces, it's time for a trip to that most wicked of shopping emporiums…Fantasy Mall. Enjoy the audio version as famed Dominatrix Miss Erica Kent describes the slave processing pens, the living mannequins, the pony boys, the punishment pillory, the sissy fashion show and more.


The receptionist smiled warmly, “Ms. Davenport, welcome to Fantasy Mall. Please,” she waved to a chair, “have a seat and we’ll complete your credentials.” She snapped her fingers, “Coco, take Kari to be processed.”
An attendant sissy-maid minced forward on what had to be seven-inch, pink patent stilettos. The sissy was an explosion of pink satin and white lace, the short dress held out nearly horizontal by a cloud of white crinoline. The tops of his stockings were visible, as were the garter straps that journeyed upward and fastened to the unseen, and severely laced corset. Pink opera-length gloves graced the sissy’s arms and blonde curls cascaded down to his shoulders.
Kari was entranced by the feminized male and felt embarrassed to be wearing only a simple gray frock.
“Follow me, sweetums, on your knees,” Coco lisped in a very sissified voice.
Kari did, remembering Mistress Miranda’s admonition to obey instantly and eagerly. And anyway, Kari was mesmerized by Coco’s extreme heels and black, seamed stockings. He crawled eagerly behind, blindly following Coco through a door, his eyes never leaving those sexy shoes and legs.
Miranda watched her sissy husband crawl away and then turned her attention back to the receptionist, Miss Patricia Diamond, by the exquisite nameplate on the desk. Patricia was older, full-figured, but still attractive and very well turned out in a gray Chanel suit and black YSL heels.
“Some tea, coffee or water?” Patricia asked.
“Water. Sparkling?” Miranda answered.
“Of course,” Patricia snapped her fingers and another pink-clad sissy appeared. “Pellegrino,” Patricia commanded.
The sissy silently curtsied and backed away.
Miranda smiled, “I’m already impressed. I love the sissies.”
Patricia nodded appreciatively, “Coco, the one that took Kari away, is my own.”
“Your husband?”
“Yes,” Patricia offered a charming smile, “he works here with me, it gives us some quality time together.”
“How marvelous,” Miranda’s lips curled into a feral smile. “She was quite lovely, all that pink satin and lace.”
“You’ll find each group of submissive males at Fantasy Mall have their own costumes, behaviors and protocols.” Patricia turned toward the approaching sissy maid, “Ah, here is Fifi with our refreshments.”
Miranda watched as Fifi expertly served the two dominant females their sparkling water in exquisite crystal glasses.
“Now,” Patricia handed Miranda a leather folder embossed with a high heel and the letters ‘FM’, “we can spend a few minutes on your newcomers’ orientation while Kari is being processed.”


The environment for Kari couldn’t have been more different. Once led through the door the sumptuous décor of the reception area vanished. The hallway, instead of plush carpet, was bare cement and the walls also cement, painted a drab institutional green.
Coco’s extreme high heels echoed off the cold bare walls, yet Kari couldn’t stop watching the shoes, legs and bottom of the sissy swishing and leading him down the hall.
They stopped at a door, which Coco opened. “In you go,” Coco said, “do what you’re told…and enjoy yourself today.” Coco blew the kneeling Kari a kiss and then sashayed back down the hall.
Kari watched the retreating sissy until a harsh, “In here, slut!” caught his attention. He turned and crawled into the room, keeping his eyes on the floor.
“Kneel up!”
As Kari started to assume his standard ‘kneeling up’ position he felt hands roughly grab his gray dress and yank it off over his head. He caught a glimpse of shapely legs in black knee-high, stiletto-heeled boots, but kept his eyes averted. Best not to make eye contact or challenge any of them. Mistress said to obey.
“This one’s Kari,” the voice from above kicked Kari in the thigh with a pointed-toe boot.
“Stall seven,” someone answered.
“Let’s go, move, move,” the boot prodded Kari down the rough cement floor, passed small cement stalls with other naked males on their hands and knees. “In there, in there,” Kari was kicked into an empty stall.
A gloved hand grabbed a handful of Kari’s hair and roughly pulled his head up. Another black-leather-gloved hand held a stiff, pink leather posture collar before him. The collar was buckled around his neck and his head pushed back down. “No talking unless you’re asked for a response,” a voice from above ordered.
Kari nodded his head fearfully. Who are these women and what—
As if they read his mind a voice spoke, “No one is required to explain anything to a submissive white slut, but we do like to torment males, fill them with some dread, don’t we, Julie?”
“It’s shitloads more fun for me when they’re scared shitless,” came a different voice from behind Kari.
The cane strike on Kari’s bottom was the very worst he’d ever experienced, the pain was intense and he screamed and lurched forward.
“Want more, slut?” asked the voice.
Kari shook his head ‘no’.
The cane landed again and he shrieked.
“My question demanded a response. Do—you—want—another?”
“N-no, Mistress, please, no, I’ll do whatever you say.” The searing pain continued to burn on his ass.
“That’s right, you will, or you’ll be delivered back to Ms. Miranda with nothing but hamburger for that ass of yours. We’ll whip the fucking flesh right off. Understand?”
Through his tear-filled eyes Kari saw the toe of a boot beneath his face and bent down to kiss it. “Yes, Mistress, I understand. I will obey.”
“That’s right, obey…and your life will be hell at Fantasy Mall. Disobey…and it will be infinitely worse.” The cackle of girlish laughter filled the area.
Kari felt hot breath in his ear and smelled lavender, “We’re interns. Our mothers are members of Fantasy Mall, and we will be too. We get to earn money processing male sluts like you for admittance into the Mall. Losers like you don’t get the privilege of our names, to you we are ‘Mistress’. Today you’re going in as Miranda’s pet, but that, as you’ll see, is only one way we process losers like you.”

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