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Female Domination Short Stories Vol II



To My Readers,

Female Domination Short Stories continues with Volume II. This volume contains five short stories all dealing with the wicked topic of Female Domination and male submission. The following stories contain scenes of cross dressing, sissy maids, discipline, chastity, cuckolding and humiliation.

Dressing for Work: Mistress Camille teases her submissive sissy cuckold husband, Didi, as Didi assists Mistress in dressing for work.

Bra Shopping: Mistress Shannon takes her sissy husband, Mimi, shopping for a new bra. Mistress’ lover Steven is coming for a visit and Mistress wants her sissy to look very girly for her lover.

Shoe Shopping: Mistress Loreen decides her sissy husband should start wearing women’s loafers in public and takes him shoe shopping. She even gets salesgirl Tammy in on the humiliation

Sissy’s Discipline: It’s time for sissy’s discipline session and Mistress Scarlett delivers the blows and the humiliation.

Sissy Daddy: It’s Megan’s eighteenth birthday and mother Morganna has a big surprise for Megan and her older sister Mary. Their step-father is a submissive sissy! The secret is out and the hapless sissy now has to serve three cruel Mistresses.

Constance Pennington Smythe   2015


From Dressing for Work:

Camille Dumont’s eyes caught the reflection as she cast a sideways glance into the long mirror above the sinks. Her husband and sissy slave, ‘Didi’, formerly David, knelt behind her, his gloved hands holding the recently warmed towel from the dryer, as he dried her legs and planted adoring kisses on her full bottom. She sighed. Life was good when you were Queen of the house and your husband was your obedient and subservient sissy slave.

She turned away and felt him shuffling behind her trying to keep his lips pressed to her bottom. “Enough,” she commanded. He scurried back, bowed his head and rose gracefully to hang up the towel. She chuckled, that’s  the only intimacy he gets on a daily basis, no wonder the little slut loves my ass so much.

He was forbidden to look her in the eyes, look at her breasts or sex, and rarely looked at her face. Such treasures, he’d been told, belonged exclusively now to her boyfriends and lovers. As a slave, he was not worthy. Her bottom and her feet were deemed slave-worthy and he had  learned to adore and worship them above all.

 “Would you like to give your ‘girlfriend’ a good-morning kiss?” She wiggled her bottom at him.

“Oh yes, Mistress, please, thank you, Mistress.”

She leaned forward, placing her elbows on the vanity, and stuck her ass out  for him. Camille watched in the mirror as Didi’s black-gloved hands reverently spread her ass-cheeks apart and she felt his face and nose nestle into her ass crack. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as her sissy husband worshiped her ass. Blonde hair framed her face and her blue eyes glinted satisfaction at her life. She was in her early fifties, but still garnered looks from men who appreciated her stylish dress, voluptuous curves and flirty and playful attitude. With her sissy husband as her chastised cuckold she enjoyed flirting with men. That first touch. The first kiss. The seduction. The Cocks!

“Mmm,” she purred, “show your girlfriend how much you love her.” She laughed as she felt, more than heard, his muffled reply.

His tongue probed at her crack and he was lost in the feel of her, the scent of her: woman, bath soap and sex. His lips and tongue sought to pleasure her; his ‘girlfriend’ as Mistress called her ass.

She bucked her hips, “Your girlfriend isn’t feeling the love, sweetums, harder, faster, deeper; show My ass how much you love it.”

He redoubled his efforts, straining to push his tongue deeper, farther, and flick it faster. She ground against his face.

“Really darling, she’s not feeling it. Don’t you love Miss Assy?” Camille laughed at her husband, on his knees, trying desperately to worship her ass-hole. “If your sissy tongue can’t give her the love she needs, maybe one of the men at the office will have to fill her with his cock? Would my sissy like that,” she teased, “hmmm?”

He moaned into her clenched ass.

“Think of  Miss Assy,” she continued her taunts, “filled with a big, thick man-cock. She’d never want that little sissy tongue in her again.” She knew he was at his limits in his ability to pleasure her, and in fact, it did feel good, but she would never let him know. Better to let the little whore think he’s about to lose one more bit of intimacy.


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