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Female Domination Vintage: Vol II (Audio)

The second of this series Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Vol II contains three dialogues, Panty Waist Michelle, Jennifer's School Discipline, Regina's Humiliation and a preview of one of the dialogues from Vintage Vol III. In Panty Waist Michelle, Michael gets caught in his mother Barbara's undergarments and is blackmailed into continued daily sissy training. In Jennifer's School Discipline, disobedient schoolboy "Jennifer" endures a much deserved pink panty punishment and spanking. Regina's Humiliation finds Richard dressed in virginal white panties and prepared to be deflowered at one of Mistress's parties. In the teaser excerpt for Big Sugar Daddy Bill, Joe is sent to Miss Erica to be evaluated, transformed and trained to be used and abused by Bill’s party guests. The e-book version of Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Vol II also contains never-before seen vintage pictures of some of Her favorite and most devoted sissies and sluts from those days. The audio book of Vintage Vol II (ISBN 978-1-939010-33-9) delivers these sensuous and teasing dialogues direct from the lips of Miss Erica, Herself.


From Panty-Waist Pussy Michelle:

Oh—My—Gosh! Michael! What in the world are you doing? Look at the way you are dressed! What are you doing, Michael? You’re dressed in your mother’s clothes…a garter belt and stockings and…oh My gosh! I’m… I am shocked. I am absolutely shocked. I cannot even believe what I am seeing. How long have you been doing this? I just stopped by the house to get some things for your Mom and…I’m just shocked Michael. I certainly did not expect to find you at home and I certainly did not expect to find you in your mother’s undergarments, prancing and mincing and touching yourself.
Oh My gosh! Oh My gosh! What is going on here, Michael? I can see you are embarrassed and I do apologize, but I just can’t believe this. What is going on? Is this an experiment for school; for the psychology department? Is this an assignment for homework? You had to come home and put on your mother’s clothing items and stand in front of the mirror and priss and play? Ha-ha-ha.
Michael! Come on honey, that is just a little too pitiful. Why don’t you just cut the bullshit with Miss Erica and tell the truth. I know what’s up. You really want to see what it’s like to be a little pussy-girl, don’t you? I know all about men like you, boys like you I should say. Don’t mumble and say ‘no’ to Me! I know better. C’mon, cut the bullshit, Mike. What in the world do you think your mother would say? What do you think your father would say? Oh My gosh, I wonder what they would do? Ahhh, hmmm, y-e-s. What? ‘Oh please don’t tell mom and dad about this, Miss Erica’?
Well, let Me tell you something baby doll. If you agree to do things My way, I will call Barbara and tell her I will be a few minutes late getting back to the boutique. Then perhaps I could teach you a few secrets. If you want to be a little panty-waist, pussy-assed little sissy; a disgusting little slut-puppy and want to be embarrassed; I will just humiliate you for the rest of the day. So, it can be our little secret. It is up to you. Do you want Me to spend a little time and make sure you turn into a proper little sissy-pussy-girl, Michelle… Or do you want Me to tell your mom and your dad? Hmmmm? Yes… That’s what I thought!
Shall I call you My little pussy-slave, hmm? You look so ridiculous. If you only knew how you look. I absolutely love it. It is so ridiculous, seeing you in your mother’s panties. Oh My goodness. I think I will just make you into My sissy- slave. And, if this works well for us Michelle, little pussy Michelle, then, of course, we are going to have to do some different things, but I think it will be quite fun.
Well, come over here you little slut pussy. Let’s see what you have on: stockings and a garter belt so far. Well, you don’t look too bad in these things. We need to have some heels on you. Let’s see if you can walk like the slut you want to be, you little pussy. Naughty, naughty, naughty little boy. I said come over here now, Michael! Get on your knees in front of Me. Now, bend down you little pussy-ass. You pathetic little sissy pussy-ass. Bend down and kiss My feet and rub My ankles for Me. Yes, yes, yes. And we need to have some breasts in that bra. We can’t have a pitiful little panty-waist pussy-ass who doesn’t have some nice tits. Ah, that’s very nice, very good.
Now, get up pussy Michelle. Mistress will put some big breasts in, and as soon as we have those in place, we are going to start with a little bit of spanking training before we start on our dildo training. You are such a slut-puppy. Oh! It would be so thrilling to tell your parents. You may want to volunteer and tell them how you are going to write a paper all about your psychology homework. Ha-ha-ha-ha. You are so ridiculous. You know that a little panty-waist pussy like you is so worthless and pitiful.
Now stand up you little slut! Put your hands behind your back. Close your eyes. Good. Very good. Mistress has a special surprise for you. I am not terribly comfortable with doing this at your house; but what we are going to do is finish dressing you. We are going to put on this nice black slip over that garter belt. You did get that garterbelt on nicely. I will give you credit for that, pussy Michelle. What do you think your mother would say about this…Michelle? Wouldn’t that just be, ohhh… awful! Well, Mistress will have Her fun. Soon as I get you dressed, I am going to have you walk for Me for a little bit. And then when you come to My house, we will r-e-a-l-l-y get into some fun. I will have My little slave-slut service Me and perhaps have a nice massage. We will see how the vibrators and dildos are doing too.

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