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Miss Constance's Guide for Sissy Maids (Audio)


To My Readers,

2014 saw a much-needed update and reorganization of my web site. To that end, much of the content that cluttered it up was removed. While I did enjoy the role playing with many of my sweet gurls in the Smythe Domination and Sissy School parts of the web site, it became too tedious to keep it updated.

All is not lost, however. The Sissy School Lessons, Smythe Domination Ltd., Female Domination 101, Hints and Tips for Sissy Maids and the Smythe Cartoons have been archived and bundled together in this work: Miss Constance’s Guide for Sissy Maids.

This e-book edition contains some new Sissy School lessons and over 60 illustrations and pictures.

Those that still ‘want’ to do any lessons in the Sissy School or memos in Smythe Domination are welcome to do so and send them to me. I will read and reply to each one.

Do enjoy…  Constance Pennington Smythe





Lesson 4:

High Heel Basics


‘Walk a mile in her shoes?’ An excellent idea darling…and certainly more than a mile! How about all day and night, up and down the stairs, standing, waiting and serving - all in a pretty pair of pointy-toe, spindly-heeled stilettos. Mmmm, Mistress can imagine the smile on your face when she presents you with your new heels in the morning…and the grimace of pain eighteen hours later as every step brings new pain and torment.

High heels are an essential part of any sissy maid’s wardrobe. We want to see you mincing, precariously balanced, the click-clacking of your stilettos a constant reminder that you are about your business. The specific shoes you wear will most likely be dictated by your Mistress or Master. For those unfortunate girls among you, that serve no one, you have – for now – the luxury of choosing your own shoes. For my part I hope it’s something hideously slutty!

Your style of shoe should always be dictated by the event. For household/domestic duties the basic pump is always a good choice, as is a Mary Jane. I personally feel that fashionable sling-backs should be reserved for real women, and not sissies, but there are always exceptions. Perhaps your Mistress/Master demands sissy entertainment, some pole dancing, a lap dance for Master, or a sexy strip-tease for Mistress’s guests. These occasions would be ideal for that sexy, strappy sandal or the classic platform ‘stripper heels.’ Note: If you’re wearing strappy sandals, peep-toe pumps, or slutty clear, platform stripper heel – polish your toe nails! Here’s a chance to show it all off girl!

While the style or color of your shoe may be left to choice, the heel height never should be. Wear the highest heel you can! You may have to your work up the higher, skyscraper heels, and that’s OK; start out with something you can walk in and gradually work your way higher, preferably an inch at a time. The good news for (most) sissy maids is that because you’re ‘male’ (well...not really, but we’ll allow it for now) you have bigger feet than the typical woman your size. As shoe size increases, so does the relative heel height, so your heels, even on the same style of shoe will be higher than ours. Mmmm, rather a divine mathematical and fashion justice, don’t you think? My own sub usually wears a size to size and a half bigger than me. Of course everything depends on the shoe itself and the style.

Homework: Write a paragraph on why you like to wear high heels and how it makes you feel. Extra credit: 1: Attach a picture of your shoe collection or of you wearing your favorite pair of heels. 2: Write a paragraph of a time when your Mistress or Master made you wear high heels.


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