Erica Kent

The Breaking Cage - Audio

Mistress Karin is back and she’s showing new-found friend and Domme-in-training Joanna the ropes - and the chains - and the whips. The Breaking Cage, the highly awaited sequel to Mistress Karin, takes the reader even further into the lifestyles of Dominant women, their submissive husbands, and their Alpha Male lovers. A chance encounter between Karin and Joanna leads Gary, Joanna’s husband, down the path of submission. Can any male survive Karin’s Breaking Cage, whose motto is MISMO: Male In, Sissy Maid Out?

Includes additional features: Illustrations, Chatting with Constance, and Recommended Reading and Web Sites.


The loving foot worship of the night before was quickly forgotten the next morning. "Slut, get your ass in here!" screamed Joanna.
A fearful Gary ran to the voice from Joanna’s bathroom. He stopped at the door, executed a nervous curtsey and awaited his fate. Given the look on Joanna’s face it didn’t bode well.
"What the fuck is THAT?" Joanna pointed an elegantly manicured fingernail at the toilet paper dispenser, where the paper was jaggedly torn. "Have I not been explicit in my needs? Have I not trained you? Are you TRYING to piss me off?"
Unsure of what to do or say and confused Gary simply executed another curtsey which only made Joanna madder.
"Don’t fucking stand there and bob at me! Get your ass over here!"
As he approached she reached out and slapped him, hard, across the face. Grabbing him by the hair she jerked his head towards the toilet paper on the dispenser. "Look at that; do you see what’s wrong?"
"It’s, I mean the…"
She jerked up his head and slapped him again. "The fold, idiot, where’s the cute little fold I taught you to put on the end of the toilet paper?"
"I – uh – I…"
She grabbed a nipple, squeezing it, pinching and twisting until the pain drove him to his knees, then she slapped him again. "Every time I sit down to pee or shit, in any bathroom in this house I expect to see the toilet paper end folded, exactly like I taught you. Is that too fucking much to ask?"
"No Mistress."
"You’ve got me so upset that I made a mess," she pulled his face to the toilet seat where yellow drops of pee glistened. "Now, I want you to lick this clean, and for good measure, when you’re done here, I want you to lick every toilet seat in this house spotlessly clean. And put that fold on all the toilet paper rolls! You’re lucky I even use toilet paper any more. I could just as easily use your tongue and mouth for all my toilet needs and save myself the cost of toilet paper, couldn’t I?"
"Yes Mistress."
"Then do a better job in the future. Close your eyes and open your mouth."
Scared of what might follow, but fearing even worse consequences if he disobeyed Gary closed his eyes and opened his mouth.
Joanna smiled and pulled the piece of toilet paper from her pocket, the piece she’d quickly torn off before he entered, the piece perfectly folded into a triangle. She pushed the paper into his mouth. "Chew and swallow, and then you’ve got some toilet seats to clean."

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