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The Breaking Cage (eBook)

  The Breaking Cage is the highly awaited sequel to Mistress Karin and takes the reader even further into the lifestyles of Dominant women, their submissive husbands, and their Alpha Male lovers. Karin Calloway is bored and new-found friend Joanna, with her would-be submissive husband Gary, are more than willing to test the Female Domination and sissy maid lifestyles. With Karin as their mentor, Joanna and Gary discover a new world of dominance and submission. Gary, now Donna, finds himself/herself serving Mistresses and Masters in the dungeons of the wealthy, as a party favor at swingers’ parties, paired with another sissy maid at an elaborate dinner party, and even with Karin’s sissy maid on an adult movie set. As Joanna learns the delights of Alpha Males and cuckolding, her submissive sissy husband Donna endures a life of chastity, domestic duties and sexual service.


“Well here they are,” Karin mocked, “our submissive sissies.”
Suzette led Gary into the room, stopped before Joanna and Karin, and executed her usual delicate curtsey. Gary ungainly tried to duplicate the move.
“Sloppy,” Karin said. “We’ll fix that, among other things.” She turned to Suzette. “Put her on the curtsey trainer for fifty reps when we’re through here.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
Gary grimaced as Suzette executed another one of her damned perfect curtsies. What the fuck is a curtsey trainer? He couldn’t help but glance at Joanna and immediately the crop in Karin’s hand lashed out, leaving a welt on his thigh.
“Eyes down slut!” Karin commanded.
He lurched at the blow, feeling the thin stripe bloom in pain. This was different from the bondage and discipline sex games played with Joanna. Karin was the real deal, a thought that both frightened and excited him.
“Didn’t take him long to fuck up,” Joanna observed.
“Never does,” replied Karin, “they’re all slow learners at first, but they do learn, some slower than others, but all painfully - for them.” She turned her gaze to Suzette, who’d remained still, head down, hands demurely clasped behind her back, living proof of the efficacy of rigorous training. “We’ll have supper in the dining room at seven. You and this worthless sissy here will serve. Lock a collar on it but keep it naked. And teach it to curtsey before supper! You’re dismissed!”
Suzette and Gary both curtseyed and backed out of the room to the laughter of the ladies on the couch. Shaken and humiliated, Gary padded along on his bare feet as Suzette’s spike heels click-clacked down the hallway.
Suzette stopped and ushered Gary through a door and down the staircase into the basement. Gary descended into the dark abyss, his naked form shivering from the coolness. His eyes slowly adjusted to the dark as he exited the stairs and his feet touched the hard, cold tile floor.
“To the right,” whispered Suzette, as she turned on a light switch.
Gary blinked as Karin’s dungeon was bathed in light. It wasn’t brightly lit; rather the electric lighting took the form of flickering candles casting shadows throughout the room.
Pausing, forgetting the chill of the room, Gary looked around, mesmerized by the many whips, paddles and crops hanging from the wall. A spanking horse and pillory took center stage in the room while an ominous cross and wheel adorned the far wall. Chains and manacles hung from various parts of the ceiling.
Suzette took his hand and pulled him across the room. “Over here, Mistress wants you to practice on the curtsey trainer.”
In a daze Gary followed her, his eyes darting endlessly throughout the room, awed by the wicked splendor of Karin’s dungeon. Suddenly he felt Suzette grab his nipple, violently pinching and twisting it.
“Pay attention!” she said. “We need to finish this and get back upstairs to start supper. Bend over.”
Gary bent over and heard Suzette pull on a latex glove. He jumped as Suzette rubbed the cool lube around his puckered nether hole.
“Ever had anything in here?” Suzette asked.
“No, I’m not gay.”
“Don’t be silly,” Suzette laughed, “it doesn’t mean you’re gay. And anyway, it’s not your bottom; it belongs to Mistress Joanna, doesn’t it?”
“I don’t know, yeah, I guess so.”
“Well, since this is your first time, we’ll start with a small one on the trainer.” Suzette’s eyes closed as she slowly inserted one well-lubed finger and felt Gary gasp and lurch. “Easy precious, I’ll go slowly. If you relax and breathe it will be easier on you. Now let me get some lube in there.”
Gary tried to relax and breathe as Suzette slowly inserted a second finger. He shook with - what? Pleasure? Disgust? He’d never been violated in this way before and in all honesty he didn’t know whether he liked it or not. When Suzette’s other hand found and gently stroked his nipple he whimpered. He did like it, all of it.
“See there precious, not so bad is it?” cooed Suzette. She leaned down and kissed the back of his neck.
Gary was overcome by the sensations, as Suzette’s nimble fingers coaxed waves of pleasure from his ass and nipples. Her soft lips on his neck, the scent of her perfume, the gentle voice had him melting in her arms. But Suzette is a man, Karin’s husband.
“Yes, that’s it baby, relax,” Suzette mewed as she slowly withdrew her fingers.
Gary sighed as she pulled out.
Suzette pointed at Gary’s throbbing erection, “I think you liked that. Maybe our Mistresses will allow us to play together sometime.”
Utterly confused by this flood of emotions Gary silently looked at the raging hard-on between his legs. Wordlessly, he let himself be led to the curtsey trainer.
“The curtsey is a sign of respect. There are different ones to use at different times, but for now you will learn ‘The Bob.’ You can use this whenever Mistress enters or leaves a room you are in or to acknowledge an order you are given. Of course Mistress will dictate what curtseys you are to use and when.” As Suzette talked she affixed a small butt plug to a metal rod protruding from the floor. “Stand here,” she said, pulling Gary until he stood over the rod. “Put both feet on the ground with the pole between your legs. Your hands should be crossed in front of you.” Suzette demonstrated the position and Gary followed. “Now bend your left knee, place your left foot behind the right foot, only keeping the toes of your left foot on the floor. Posture is very important, so keep your head up but your eyes down.”
Gary copied Suzette’s actions, assuming the same position she adopted.
“Very nice,” complimented Suzette. “Next you need to bend at the knees and dip, lower yourself down until the plug goes into your bottom.” Suzette giggled and slowly bent at the knees illustrating the proper curtsey. “Now you.”
Slowly Gary bent his knees, stopping for a moment when his bottom touched the plug.
“It’s not that big,” chided Suzette, “and both you and it are well lubricated. Now slowly, down and up.”
With a deep breath Gary descended, the plug slowly sliding in and filling him, and then easing out when he stood.
“Back straight, don’t bend forward at the waist, bend in the knees, down and up,” corrected Suzette, “again.”
Gary proceeded to curtsey, each time impaling himself on the plug. Suzette made minor adjustments on the plug height and position and by curtsey number fifteen Gary was starting to find the proper motion and technique.
“Be elegant and graceful, not stiff, no jerky movements.” Suzette positioned Gary’s body, helping him attain the correct posture. “Don’t think about the plug in your bottom honey, focus on the movement. You want to be demure, sweet, something your Mistress can be proud of. Deeper sweetheart, get the plug all the way in, keep your back straight.”
Gary lost count of the repetitions as he worked on his ‘Bob’ curtsey. He hoped that Suzette was counting; he wanted this to be over. When he finished the last curtsey his legs were beginning to cramp and his bottom was starting to hurt.
Suzette wiped the remaining lube from Gary’s well-used ass. “Of course there are bigger plugs and your Mistress will probably make use of them. Eventually you’ll have to learn all the types of curtseys and you’ll be expected to perform them perfectly, all the time. Here,” she said handing the plug to Gary, “there’s a sink in the corner, go wash this off.”
Gary held the butt plug in his hand; he felt its slickness and warmth. He wordlessly padded away on his bare feet while Suzette selected a collar.
When Gary returned Suzette held up a wide and stiff leather collar, emblazoned with the word ‘SISSY’ in sparkling crystals. “It’s a posture collar.”
Gary allowed Suzette to fasten the collar around his neck, securing it with a small padlock and attaching a leather lead to the front. Pulling on the lead, Suzette led Gary out of the dungeon, back upstairs and into the kitchen.


Karin savored the last of her Champagne and placed the glass on an end table. “We’ll put him in the cage after supper.”
Joanna silently nodded.
“Are you worried, having second thoughts?”
“No,” Joanna said. “I’m good with it. No one is physically restraining him. He could get up and leave at any point. But he hasn’t, he stays and obeys, no matter how we seem to treat him.”
“It’s his nature, Joanna, he wants to submit. He needs to revel in that sublime aura of Feminine Authority.” Karin uncrossed her legs, the silk stockings sensuously rustling against one another and reached over to put a reassuring hand on Joanna’s arm. “And we will take him to that place; that hallowed ground of male subjugation. I’ve seen his kind before; he’ll be happy there, content to submit, obey and serve. Your relationship is going to change.”
“I lose a husband and gain a maid.”
Karin sat back and shrugged. “Well, technically, legally, on the marriage certificate he is still your husband. And depending on what you decide he will continue to be to the world at large. It’s going to be whatever you want to make it.”
“I can make this work, if you can deliver on that cock you promised.”
“He’ll be joining us after supper,” Karin laughed. “Gary can meet him then.”

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